A Formula for Success - Living Your Dreams and Your Truest Desire and Purpose Within

Yes...there is a formula.

Yes..the steps are all there.

The question is - do you have that Burning Desire to fulfill your dreams?

It's almost like an ever present ache - an ever present thought, upon waking, throughout the day and while falling asleep.

It's a dream that consumes your waking life.

A truly Magnificent Obsession.

Some may view this as "over the top"..but us dreamers...we cannot imagine living without this level of passion for our dreams.

It's where our heart, and true feeling of aliveness stems from.

And this is what is required in overcoming ALL obstacles and challenges that present themselves.

We have heard all the quotes out there..

About stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Everything is outside of our comfort zone.

Face your fears.

What does it all mean though?

It means to face your dream with courage, making a decision to do whatever it takes, and getting used to living with that uncofmrtable feeling of constantly being STRETCHED.

Sometimes, it feels almost unbearable...

Too much..

We want to just retreat..rest, relax for a bit, go back to old patterns and behaviours...

But that desire within us won't let us.

And you know the hardest thing about it all?

Developing complete and utter faith and trust in the process - of what is to come - of the belief that our dreams WILL happen.

This is probably the hardest - because sometimes our reality may try to trick us into believing that what we SEE is more real than anything.

Except that ache within us tells us there is more - there is so much more out there - and we must stretch ourselves to get there.

No matter where you are in your journey - just know dreams DEFINITELY come true - but it's really about our growth and who we allow ourselves to become.

To chip away at old beliefs, at old identities, at old thought patterns and conditioned behaviours - to break free from all this, may be the most challenging feeling of all.

That's where the feeling of being constantly stretched comes in - because your are expanding into an even greater version of yourself.

Like that butterfly when it is first breaking out of its cocoon.

“Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis.” 
― Martha N. Beck

It's EXACTLY like that process.

And through the process - to the outside world, and in "reality", it looks like nothing is happening while the caterpillar is within it's cocoon. It looks as though it is just resting.

But inside - EVERYTHING is changing. Literally, its tissues, limbs and organs are changing and wings are formed.

It is a complete metamorphosis.

And it is the most painful part of the process - then to finally break free of that cocoon and emerge into the world as a fully formed butterfly may seem like it happened overnight.

But only the butterfly knows all that happened before, and only WE, as dream creators know that there is a process.

Trust the process.

Keep growing.

Keep stretching.

And see what beauty emerges.

Much love and Pura Vida!

Kat ;)


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The Most Enchanted and Magical Waterfall in Ojochal Costa Rica

Sounds like I'm exaggerating huh?

Well...the only way I can describe it was like Romeo and I stepped into some other world...full of wonder, magic, and completely surrounded by nature.

To be honest, I didn't expect to "top" our most magical experiences, a lot of them from the past three years of travel and adventure.

Like the time we saw our first beach in Costa Rica, after a two hour hike, and we found a secret beach in the jungle...

Or the time we stayed in Arenal and had a volcano in our backyard...

Or the time we went zip-lining on one of the highest zip-lines in the world...

Or the time we found a beach filled not with sand, but with crushed sea shells in Conchal...

Or the time we lived in a condo overlooking the ocean, mountains and jungles with the most epic sunrises...

Or HECK, even the view we experienced only a month ago...

As you can see, there have been a lot of *EPIC* experiences...

So when we hiked to this little waterfall, and went down the steps, and "entered" this place...

It left me completely in awe the whole time we stayed.

We stayed for a few hours, there was no one there..and as I sat there, looking around and just letting the surroundings flow through my body and mind...

I literally felt everything expand.

My dreams.

My vision.

The possibilities of everything to come.

The past three years...have been an incredible journey, and the most powerful part of it all, is that it has been both an experience of 'peeling away' the old, limiting beliefs of my past...and allowing my mind to picture and expand the potential and power within me...and the size of my vision and dreams has continued to exponentially increase.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 
― Dr. Seuss

We will definitely be visitng this waterfall many times, and I feel like this area of Costa Rica is home now.

I'm loving the Ojochal area due to the abundance of nature, wildlife and just so much GREEN everywhere.

The air is different - the feeling is different and it truly feels like a dream come true to have found this place.

If you are ever in Costa Rica...I recommend visiting this abundant place of magic and pure beauty.

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Pura Vida!

Kat & Romeo

Here is that "magical" shot that really shows the essence of why I deem this place ENCHANTED!


Quick Instagram Training - How To Use Instagram

Although I have had an Instagram account for some time, I never took the time to use it - I had 2 pics up, and didn't post because I didn't really "get it."

Until....I got it!!

And I got completely hooked and addicted.

With research, testing and tweaking, I figured out that it is almost TOO SIMPLE and yet...

My Instagram blew up and all of a sudden, my audience began to grow, interaction and engagement went through the roof...and I began to absolutely LOVE it.

As a blogger, internet marketer, and online business owner, I find it now CRUCIAL to have an Instagram account!

Forbes itself has written that: Instagram is Shaping Up To Be the World's Most Powerful Tool (you can click that link to check out the article, and don't worry a new window will open so you don't lose this powerful training I shared above).

So check out the training above and implement immediately!

I shared this training with our community and some students literally got results within 30 seconds!!

After you watch the training, make sure to leave me a comment and your feedback because I want to know HOW FAST you got results!

Thanks for watching: Quick Instagram Training - How To Use Instagram

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ALS Ice bucket Challenge Costa Rica (no ice) with The Epic Duo: Kat and Romeo

So, we were challenged to do the Ice Bucket Challenge but due to a water shortage in Costa Rica, and also believeing in preserving water - we asked, what is there an abundance of here?

Beaches! Sand! Ocean! 

Enter: The Sand Bucket Challenge...and whereas you might be saying...

"But Kat, not only is that bucket SMALL, but ice water is MUCH worse then just sand water..."

Well...let me tell you...at least those using Ice Water were CLEAN after...I had sand in my ears for days...and just...sand...EVERWHERE.

So enjoy the video and thanks for watching our: ALS Ice bucket Challenge Costa Rica (no ice)

Donate Here: http://alsa.org/donate/

Hope you enjoyed it!

Pura Vida!

Kat & Romeo ;)


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The Power of Mentorship - Who Do You Listen To?

Finding the right mentors, and asking yourself whose advice you really follow, is such an important key to reaching your dreams.

Watch this hangout with Poh Lin Cheng and Kat Zapanta as they discuss their personal experience with this crucial concept.

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Kat & Romeo


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