What's Your Dream? Pura Vida Project Hangout with Online Entrepreneurs

Ever wonder what it's like to be an Online Entrepreneur? 

Ever wonder if it's possible to follow your passion, your dream AND make it into a reality?

Ever wonder if there are people out there that are truly following their dreams?

Well, check this hangout out because it will answer these questions - and many more.

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Strange Creatures Abound in Ojochal, Costa Rica - Romeo's Creature Obsession Magnified 

Romeo's obsession and skill in photography has become one of his main hobbies the past couple of years - and he also LOVES bugs, critters, creatures and anything that moves.

Here are his loves combined in a little 'album' of all the amazing wildlife we have seen thus far in Ojochal, near Uvita, Costa Rica.

Enter: The Strange Creature Album

The "Praying Mantis"

 Up Close & Personal with the "Praying Mantis"

Moths - from Tiny to Giant Size

Here is the Giant Size (although I know there are even larger ones) - this one is the size of my palm:

Moths as beautiful as butterflies:

Look at that cute fuzzy face...

To the teeny tiny kind:

The "Walking Stick" Bug

- yes, this is not a stick...this is a BUG -

Moth Cocoon

We didn't know what this was - but it turned out to be a Moth Cocoon which took about two weeks to hatch (is that the right term?) and a beautiful Moth emerged...

The Moth that emerged:


There are tons of Geckos everywhere as well - inside, outside - they are usually a very pale colour and quite small, but we found this larger one that had a beautiful dark pattern:

And a ton of frogs and toads!

I will end it with this cute little guy:

Hope you enjoyed this album of critters...and no doubt there will be many more we will see...

Just goes to show that there is SOO much in this world - so many things unseen - to all of our senses.

Remember that this life is so full of possibility and there is so much yet to experience!

Blogging from Ojochal, Costa Rica,

Kat ;)

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Trust Your Vision and Trust Yourself

On this journey of following my dream, I have learned to trust in the vision within me.

I believe everyone has a dream within them and everyone is just in a different stage of the process.

There are some who have a dream within them, but they suppress it and it is just this ever-present ache within them - I lived like this for years and I know the feeling.

There are some who face their dream, are aware of it and yet are still afraid to go down that path - I have been there as well.

And there are some who face thier dream, and have the courage to say YES!

I have been there and now continue to live in this spectrum of following my dreams and the big vision within me.

And the biggest lesson I have learned is to always trust in myself and in my vision - there are times when it may seem as though we are headed away from that dream due to obstacles, challenges and hurdles placed before us - and even sometimes we may feel lost or moving further away from our dream - just know that is not the case.

If you are in the stage of saying YES to your dream and are taking actions towards it - just have belief and trust in yourself.

Know the resources you need will always be put before you as long as you keep moving forward.

Know that it is impossible for you to stray away from your dream - and KNOW that everything is happening to bring you closer!

As you move towards it, also know that with time, you will develop a natural trust and knowingness that everything is always happening perfectly - and you WILL reach your dreams - and even FAR beyond what you can currently imagine.

That's the great thing about this - as you continue...your dream will only grow bigger, and even more magnificent things will happen than you expect!

Take these words to heart:

Trust the process and trust yourself. 

Much love,

Kat ;)

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Be Not a Slave of Your Own Past - Emerson Wisdom

The past does not have to define our future.

I was stuck in my past for years...and funny enough, I felt like I was caught in some endless cycle.

When I broke free, and sought change in my life...the past became more of a teaching guide post for me - of who I was, and of who I could be.

One did not have to equal the other.

The past is full of memories, lessons and pieces of our old selves - but we must not stay there and live in those thoughts...we must always move beyond them into the unknown future of endless possibility.

So from the words of Emerson...

“Be not the slave of your own past - plunge into the sublime seas, dive deep, and swim far, so you shall come back with new self-respect, with new power, and with an advanced experience that shall explain and overlook the old.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Much love from the beaches of Costa Rica!

Pura Vida!

Kat ;)

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On this journey in following my dreams, what I have learned most about the journey is that it is one filled with ironies and not at all what I expected.

I was constantly faced with opposing ideas that eventually began to make sense.

I set out to change my life and myself - meanwhile I also had to accept everything and everyone around me.

I had to learn to go with the flow and somehow accept that life is all together filled with destiny and free will.

I had to understand that the struggles, challenges and fears I faced were the ones I learned to cherish the most because only those would bring me to my greatest heights of change and feelings of fulfillment & gratitude - the goals themselves once reached were icing on the cake.

I had to let go of feelings of entitlement, feeling "owed" because of the hard work I put in and let go of all attachments to judging events in my life as "positive or negative."

And most of all I learned that my aim wasn't to feel positive all the time but rather to be able to sit with myself, completely alone and have the courage to face everything in me with pure and utter honesty & peace.

And once a goal is hit always let the pull of that greater vision within you stay strong because the mind can have a funny way of "finding things to fix" if there is no new challenge set before it.

Each goal I reach, each dream I make into my reality helps me reach a new level and I know without a shadow of a doubt of what's to come in my life...and yet I am constantly living in wonder to watch it all unfold.

Dream big, hustle big and let your actions speak even louder than your words!

From the epic beaches of Costa Rica,

Much Love,

Kat & Romeo 

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